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The Akron Holy War is a passionate portrayal of tradition, family and sport witnessed thru the eyes of two high school football teams. I enjoyed watching the history and perspectives of both teams. Great film! Must see! - Amazon Customer 

Brilliantly put together. Being from Northeast Ohio the football traditions and rivalries around here are amazing...The pre-'99 Browns, the Hall of Fame, St. Ignatius vs St. Eds, Massillon vs McKinley, JCU vs BW...and this really puts an amazing reality and look into the actual humanity behind another great rivalry between two great programs, Hoban and St. V. In a world and time where all you see is "fake news," war, hate, and everyone blaming everyone else about everything, this really shows the power and true meaning of what sport can do...rivals on the field uniting groups and forming bonds and general respect for brothers, teammates, family and friends that last a life time. Well done. J. Ma$$ (Amazon)

I didn't attend either school, but being in the area and having friends who attended these schools after leaving my public school's middle school I have seen the rivalry and there is nothing that compares. This film is wonderful and resonates with many, in Northeast Ohio and out of it. Lebron has taken one this rivalry's schools and put it in the public light. I hope that anyone watching from outside the region and the community can appreciate it as we do and this film does an excellent job helping to achieve that. Kayli Bookman (Amazon)


I will forever cherish this film for showing what makes both of these schools and this rivalry so great. Highly recommend!" -Facebook User

"This documentary was awesome! Loved every second of it. Being a St. Vincent-St. Mary alum myself brought a trip down memory lane going to the game. It was also cool to learn some history about the rivalry that I never knew about." -Facebook User

"I loved it! I laughed, teared up - it was a great trip down memory lane. I loved the history behind it as I did not know much of it. It is fairly evenly split between the two schools." 

-Facebook User

"Fantastic movie! It was funny, it was exciting, it was enlightening and most of all, it was MOVING." 

-Facebook User

"This movie was so well done! It made me wish I would've went to one of those high schools growing up!"

 -Facebook User

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